An AP1000 normal residual heat removal pump - one of the main devices in a normal residual heat removal system (RNS) in an auxiliary plant of an AP1000 nuclear power plant, has the following main features: It extracts the heat generated at shutdown of a reactor coolant system. After the start-up of an automatic pressure system (ADS), it provides low pressure replenishment water from the feeding tank of a spent fuel pool cooling system (SFS) to RCS. When needed it discharges the residual heat from refuelling water tank built in the containment. After an accident it provides a long-term refuelling channel to RCS Other features: shutdown purification, low temperature overpressure protection, spent fuel pool cooling

Quantity of flow 364.08 m3/h

Head 103.6?115.8m

NPSH 2.65 m

Structural features:

Vertically Mounted PumpsUnder hot conditions, vertical pumps suppress upward conduction of heatThe compact overall structure meet the enveloping size requirements specified for the R&D task Rapid overhaul of nuclear pumpBalanced axial forceprevention of possible damage from cavitation in case of air included at inlet

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