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Norton 57A Centerless Wheels are made using strong, blocky-shaped aluminum oxide in a vitrified bond. This versatile/durable abrasive is well suited for general purpose applications, featuring high “G” ratios (metal removed/wheel wear). The superior vitrified bond system offers longer wheel life, with excellent form holding.

  • Versatile/durable abrasive is well suited for general purpose applications
  • High “G” ratios (metal removed/wheel wear)
  • Superior vitrified bond system 
  • Longer wheel life; excellent form holding


Typical Applications and Industries

  • High production operations on large volume continuous grinding
  • Parts ranging from miniature roller bearings to train axles and bearings
  • Fastener manufacturing
  • Tool manufacturing
  • Steel mills
  • Automotive related components
  • Bearing
  • Machine tools
  • Aircraft
  • Turbine blades – land- and air-based

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