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Our new zirconia grain chemistry and shape in Norton BlueFire Reinforced Cut-off Wheels efficiently cuts a variety of material from stainless and carbon steels, to alloys and gray iron – with up to 20% increase in life over former zirconia wheels.

  • UPGRADED zirconia alumina grain chemistry and shape, blended with premium aluminum oxide grain provides 2-3 times the life of aluminum oxide wheels
  • 15 – 20% improvement over former zirconia wheel performance and life
  • Broad utility: from light- to heavy-pressure applications, on a wide range of materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloys, to gray iron

Free Cut

  • Side reinforced wheels are engineered for larger cross-sections and/or hard-to-cut materials
  • Resist breakage and provide straight cuts

Long Life

  • Side reinforced wheels are ideal for small cross-section workpieces
  • Resist breakage and provide straight cuts

Rapid Cut

  • Centrally reinforced, rough sides
  • Free cutting, non-binding; burr- and burn-free cuts

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