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Norton NorZon Plus depressed center wheels are manufactured with the exact combination of our proprietary Norton SG ceramic and zirconia grains in a free-cutting bond matrix that is appropriate for each primary application.


Norton NorZon Plus Fast Cut – Guaranteed Fastest Cutting
Best option when:

  • Cut rate for speed of completion is primary concern
  • Cost of labor is high
  • Heavy grinder is used
  • Grinding is difficult, or performed in hard-to-reach areas

Norton NorZon Plus All Purpose – Guaranteed Lowest Total Cost and Best Overall Value
Best option when:

  • Able to measure lowest total cost
  • The best combination of life, cut rate, and lowest heat generation is primary concern

Norton NorZon Plus Long Life – Guaranteed Longest Lasting
Best option when:

  • Rough surfaces, applications, and grinding conditions require wheel durability
  • Longest possible life is primary concern
  • Using high cycle, high horsepower grinders
  • Lower labor cost is a key priority

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