A DG Sub-high-pressure boiler feed pump is a segmental mono-casing multi-stage pump, where its inlet and outlet flanges are vertically upward, centrally supported to effectively prevent central asymmetry and vibration due to thermal expansion, its cooling water runs in a piping-main scheme system, and it provides a mechanical seal self-flushing system for user-friendly connection. It is characterized by a compact structure, attractive appearance, and reliable operation. The pump rotates clockwise when looked in the coupling direction. The executive standard for this pump series is: GB/T 16907-1997 Technical Specifications for Centrifugal Pumps, Category (?)

1.Its hydraulic components, whose design are optimized with CFDflow field analysis technologies, delivers excellent performance
2.A central support structure is adopted for the pump overall, and, in conjunction with the sliding pin system, effectively compensate for thermal deformation
3.The impeller and vanes, precisely cast, feature smooth channels, high dimensional accuracy and high efficiency 4.Static equilibrium is introduced into its impeller, and dynamic equilibrium into its rotor, putting the accuracy of the pump at a level higher than the industry standard?
5.Its shaft, made of special heat-resistant alloy and precisely manufactured with several runs of heat treatment, delivers good overall performance. 6.Its main key parts, which are manufactured at machining centers, have high precision and a long service life.
7.Diaphragm couplings of both smooth transmission and good compensation are part of the minimum configuration of the entire series 8.Its sealing ring, which is 38CrMoAlnitriding treated, prevents rust and resist wear. 9.The friction pair of the balance disc, which is stainless steel quenched, has good wear resistance and a long service life 10.Cooling water integrated pipelines and mechanical seal self-flushing mode are adopted for the entire series for easy installation and operation by users. 11.Two forms of seal, i.e. mechanical seal and packing seal are optional to users.

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