The desulfurization pumps of the KQTL(R) series are single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pumps, researched and developed by Kaiquan Group for desulfurization purification devices used for coal-fired units in thermal power plants. They are mainly used as circulation pumps for absorption towers in wet FGD devices to convey limestone and gypsum slurry. The products draw on features of domestic and similar foreign products, they are safe and reliable to operate, easily maintained, provide efficient operation and energy conservation, have a long service life and other advantages.


1.CFD fluid analysis & design, superior hydraulic performance, high pump efficiency

2.The rotor member is provided with an axially adjustable structure to change the impeller position in the pump chamber so as to maintain efficient operation of pump

3.Such pumps feature a back removable structure of simple construction and easy maintenance,allowing maintenance and repair without removing the inlet and outlet pipes

4.They are designed with a stripping ring for easy removal of the impeller

5. A compact bracket is provided to significantly reduce floor space

6.Their bearings are lubricated through thin oil bath. Such a high-end configuration design extends the service life of the bearings.

7.The cartridge mechanical seal is specifically designed for desulfurization pumps to improve reliability and service life

8.The flow passage components of the pumps are made from new corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant materials perfectly suited for the characteristics of desulfurization slurry to ensure the life of the pumps

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