High Pressure Multi-Stage Diffuser Pump
· Highly effi cient hydraulic components
· Providing industries (such as power plant) with our reliable pump solutions, backed by our well-established
manufacturing and quality management experience
· Providing a wide range of useful pump types, suitable for various applications from mid-range to high-end (for example,
conventional, combined cycle and supercritical pressure power generation)
· Reduced cost and quick delivery achieved by part standardization and excellent stock management

Standard : 1,440m3/h (6,340USgpm)
Tailor made : up to 2,000m3/h (8,800USgpm)
Total Head up to 4,200m (13,800ft)
Temperature up to 200°C (392°F)
Suction Pressure up to 3MPa (435psi)
Discharge Pressure up to 42MPa (6,090psi)
Speed up to 7,000min-1

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