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Pink, friable aluminum oxide Norton 25A Toolroom Wheels are a good general purpose wheel choice for light to medium stock removal. Typical applications include surface grinding, tool and cutter grinding, and drill sharpening.

  • Pink, friable aluminum oxide abrasive
  • Works well on tool steels (hardened, forged and stainless) and cast iron
  • General purpose wheel for light to medium stock removal 


NORPOR Wheels – High porosity for heat-sensitive applications

  • NORPOR 25A — Pink, friable aluminum oxide abrasive with VP2 porous bond are designed to grind a broad variety of heat-sensitive steels at light to moderate feed rates
  • Controlled porosity bond for increased chip clearance and maximum coolant flow, reduced loading, and cool cutting - wet or dry - in heat sensitive applications
  • Durable bond post for maximum grain retention
  • Less dressing; longer wheel life
  • Maximum depth of cut for increased grain efficiency; consistent grinding action at high metal removal rates

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